Door Making That Creaking Sound?

It's that time of the year neighbors. When the weather fluctuates from warm to cold and back again, the springs on your garage door suffer wear and tear and you'll be able to hear that upon opening and closing your door. This wear and tear - when ignored - can lead to big trouble! Call Creech & Blalock Overhead Doors LLC at 919.496.0307 today to schedule one of their technicians to take a look at that noisy spring of yours!

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We’ll come to your home or business, inspect your garage door and inform you of our repair or installation solutions, so you can be completely updated on your project. Instead of just ignoring your garage door issues, contact Creech & Blalock Overhead Doors in North Carolina for quality service. Call 919.496.0307 today!

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Our new garage door is beautiful.
Thank you for your excellent service.
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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional garage door repair and installation services so you can always have a fully functioning door to your home or business. 


Creech & Blalock Can Fix Any Type Or Brand Of Garage Door

Creech & Blalock Can Fix Any Type Or Brand Of Garage Door